3 months project, Bachelor project at L’EDNA


At the beginning of my bachelor I was asked to pick a suject of my choice. I chose to work on the linl between image and music. I first had to identify a lack or a need that a design product could meet, but also to etablish a network with experts of music industry. I chose to work on a tool to promote young music artists. At that time, I was still a member of a cultural association organizing music events in the region Loire-Atlantique.


I did research about actual music listening usages. I noticed that nowadays everybody uses digital recorded music. But I also found out about the fact that we are witnessing a resurgence of interest for physical supports as it is the case for vinyle. I defined and worked on the following problematic:
Revalue the physical recorded music image by taking advantage of the dematerialization.

I met experts who helped me to identify concrete lacks for young artists to promote themselves. I first met an artist based on Nantes who was wondering how add more sensitivity to his newsletters and communication materials.
I also met a radio producer who was interested in considering his mixtapes as narrative threads.


The book is a fanzine which is composed of some double-pages (one for each musician). 10 artists are chosen for each issue of the fanzine. One illustrator is chosen to illustrate each issue. The user can listen music tracks with his smartphone by reading NFC tags sticked on each page.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles