Pour de vrai’s Brand packaging

1 week project, Workshop at L’EDNA


As part of a workshop, we have been asked to design a packaging and its identity for a range of organic local products. I worked in a team of 4 designers (Sidonie Veteau, Lola Rivol, Léa Dangréaux). We were supervised by the british graphic designer Paul Vickers.


We first went out on the field to understand the milk production process. We have been invited to visit a local and organic farm based in the north of the region Loire-Atlantique. 
Then we brainstormed together to define values of the product and first ideas for the brand name. We also realized moodboards and started working on the shape of the packaging with pieces of paper and cardboard. I mostly worked on the packaging design and tried different shapes with different types of paper. We developped a long rectangular packaging.


We chose the brand name "Pour de vrai (= For real)", as children like to say, to evoke the natural product. We used an impactful and oversized font and wrote the word "vrai" vertically.
We had to work on both the graphics, the shape of the carton and the investment of the product in order to create a coherent product. We also designed flavoured milks and yoghurt pots.

Supervised by Jérôme Héno, Nathalie Templier and Paul Vickers.

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles