IMRAM, the Irish Language Literature Festival, organises each year an exhibition in the Dublin Institute of Technology.
The aim of this project was to illustrate an Irish poem on a typographic postcard. 2 000 printed postcards (black Pantone, gold Pantone, neon Pantone).

IMRAM exhibition

︎ Supervised by Brenda Dermody
and Clare Bell

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Sept. 2016

With my team we developped a new concept by combining Google Search features with Google Translate and Google Assistant.
This new application would enable users to be informed from different sources and get precise and reliable news by setting a personalized filtering.

Google Workshop

︎ Supervised by Corentin Fatus, Morgane Sanglier, Germain Rufflé (Google USA) at READi Lab (Nantes, France)

Dec. 2017 - 3 days

Our poster has been selected to promote ZIG ZAG exhibition at La Cale 2 Créateurs in Nantes.

La Horde - ZIG ZAG exhibition

︎ In collaboration with Paul Bouvier

June 2016


Design maps to visualise where Magnum ice cream ingredients come from. Graphic language of the maps is designed according to a specific target (children, experts, adults).

Magnum Data visualisation

March 2017

As part of this project, I reappropriated Yann Leguennec's approach by combining an image of Franche-Compté landscape with data related to this territory.
I used datasets on the rate of sunshine and the cloud cover in this region.

Paysage des erreurs
Festival Monbyai

The graphic representation has been printed on a kakemono and presented during the event.

March 2017

Cargo Collective, Inc.
︎ Nantes, France